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Interior and Architectural Photographer in Glasgow & Edinburgh

Are you looking to capture the beauty of a room or a piece of architecture? As an experienced interior and architectural photographer in Glasgow and Edinburgh, I specialize in crafting technically perfect and visually stunning images. My work is designed to lead the viewer’s eye through all the right places, highlighting the elegance and uniqueness of each space.


At Lausch Studio, I understand the importance of high-quality, professional photography in presenting interiors and architecture. Whether you’re showcasing a luxurious hotel lobby, a modern office space, or a historic building, my goal is to create images that enhance your brand and captivate your audience. Serving businesses throughout Glasgow, Edinburgh, and across Scotland, I am committed to delivering exceptional results that make your spaces shine.


Contact me today to discuss how we can collaborate to bring out the best in your interiors and architecture through professional photography.

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Professional interior photography is essential for effective marketing. High-quality images capture attention and foster better business relationships. Serving Edinburgh, Glasgow, and all of Scotland, I deliver exceptional photography that elevates your brand and engages your clients.


I take the time to understand your space and your vision. You’ll receive a meticulously crafted collection of photos that showcase your interiors beautifully.


What to Expect

    •    Expertly balanced lighting

    •    Technically precise imagery

    •    Capturing the flow and essence of each room

    •    Highlighting exquisite details

    •    Thorough and professional service

    •    Serving Edinburgh, Glasgow, and beyond

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Photography Services

Luxurious interior of a room with a large copper bathtub near a bay window offering a view of an old stone tower, sunlight streaming in, against walls with blue patterned wallpaper and a wooden floor

Food & Beverage

Delicious dishes and exquisite drinks deserve to be captured with mouthwatering photography. At Lausch Studio, I specialize in creating visually stunning food and beverage photography that highlights the flavors and presentation of your culinary creations. With a focus on detail and artistry, I deliver professional, on-brand images that entice and engage your audience. Let’s chat about how we can showcase your menu and elevate your brand with captivating food photography.

A woman with curly hair stands against a sunlit stone wall, wearing a light-colored sweater and a long white skirt, with her hands clasped in front of her


Give your customers a glimpse into your brand’s personality with captivating lifestyle photography. At Lausch Studio, I specialize in creating engaging images that showcase how others enjoy your business and the unique experiences you offer. By capturing the essence of your brand through professional, on-brand visuals, I help you connect with your audience on a deeper level. Let’s chat about how we can bring your brand’s story to life with stunning lifestyle photography.

Architecture & Interiors

Amazing spaces deserve to be showcased with exceptional interior and architectural photography. At Lausch Studio, I specialize in creating stunning, on-brand images that capture the full potential of your spaces. With minimal disruption to your business, I deliver professional and technically sound photography that engages your audience and elevates your brand. Let’s chat about how we can highlight your beautiful spaces and make them shine.

 a person in a dark blazer serving a gourmet dessert on a blue plate. The dessert includes a scoop of yellow sorbet, sliced red fruit, crumbles, and an edible flower garnish. The setting appears elegant with soft lighting


Capturing the essence of individuals through portrait, corporate, and fashion photography. At Lausch Studio, I specialize in creating compelling and professional images that highlight the unique personalities and styles of your subjects. Whether it’s corporate headshots, creative portraits, or fashion photography, my goal is to produce on-brand visuals that resonate with your audience and enhance your brand’s image. Let’s chat about how we can bring out the best in your people through stunning 

A woman with long curly hair sits at a bar with a cocktail in front of her, while a bartender in the background prepares a drink, surrounded by shelves of various bottles
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