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I'm Michal, a professional photographer specializing in commercial, interior and architectural photography, as well as food and beverage photography. My main mission is to capture the beauty of the world around us and translate it into photographs that reflect rich detail and emotional power.


The art of photography was awakened in me at an early age when I received my first Minolta camera from my father. Photography became my passionate hobby and over time I realized that it was more than a simple interest for me. When I moved from the Czech Republic to Glasgow, Scotland ten years ago, I decided to further my skills and get a professional education. 


During my five years at City of Glasgow College I had the unique opportunity to explore different areas of photography. In my second year I was offered the opportunity to work with fashion bloggers, which opened the way to photographing fashion shows in Glasgow. I also worked with a fashion stylist where I actively contributed to the creation and building of her brand. In my final year of my degree, I was invited to work for a British-American company specialising in photographing and filming luxury real estate. This experience opened the door to architectural and interior photography, allowing me to expand my portfolio into another fascinating area.


In addition to my specialisation in commercial photography, portrait and lifestyle photography is also key for me. I believe that true beauty lies in authenticity, and I love capturing natural moments and telling the stories of people, their passions and joys.


Due to my deep interest in gastronomy, which I inherited from my family, I am also dedicated to food photography with the aim of translating not only visual but also gustatory experiences into photographic images. I am fascinated by how I can bring gastronomic experiences to life through photography and contribute to their visual appeal.


With years of experience and a passion for photography, I have the ability to create unique and high quality images for my clients. I strive to understand their exact needs and desires so that I can translate their vision into great photographs.


I am proud of my career path, which has developed from my start on evening photography courses to gaining a full time degree at City of Glasgow College. My varied experience working with fashion bloggers, collaborating on fashion shows and photographing luxury properties has taken me to the next level and allowed me to hone my skills in various aspects of photography.


My main goal is to create photographs that not only capture moments, but also tell stories and convey emotion. Working with me means relying on my professional approach, creativity and dedication in every project.


I would love to help you turn your ideas into reality through my lenses. If you're looking for a skilled photographer who can capture the beauty of your business, interiors, gastronomy or portraits, don't hesitate to contact me. Together we will create photographs that capture your uniqueness and attract the attention of your clients.


I look forward to working with you and the opportunity to capture memorable moments of your world through the lens of my camera.

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