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I’m Michal, a professional photographer specializing in commercial photography, with a focus on hotels, restaurants, and food and beverage. I have a passion for capturing the beauty of the world around us and translating it into photographs that reflect rich detail and emotional power.

I received my first Minolta camera from my father at an early age, and photography quickly became my hobby. Over time, I realized that it was more than just an interest for me. When I moved from the Czech Republic to Glasgow, Scotland ten years ago, I decided to further my skills and get a professional education.

During my five years at City of Glasgow College, I had the unique opportunity to explore different areas of photography. I worked with fashion bloggers, photographed fashion shows in Glasgow, and contributed to the creation and building of a fashion stylist’s brand. I was also invited to work for a British-American company specializing in photographing and filming luxury real estate, which allowed me to expand my portfolio into architectural and interior photography.

In addition to my specialization in commercial photography, I also enjoy portrait and lifestyle photography. I believe that true beauty lies in authenticity, and I love capturing natural moments and telling the stories of people, their passions, and joys.

With my deep interest in gastronomy, which I inherited from my family, I am also dedicated to food photography. My aim is to translate not only the visual but also the emotional aspects of food into my photographs.

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